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Friday, May 31, 2013

Naruto new generation

What if I say that there will be a new generation in the Naruto series? Most probably you will say "IT CAN'T BE POSSIBLE!"
Of course I don't know if a new generation will appear, if I can't even tell what will happen at the end of Naruto Shippuden. This is funny, even if we don't know if a new generation will appear, we wish for one! Let's see how can this new generation look like:
^.^ Nice right? Lets check out this one.
Hahaha, I must admit it, this guys really have imagination. If you weren't impressed by this then check out this awesome new generation pics.

Secret Jutsu of Phoenix Invocation!!!

It's me or are they identical to the real ones? =P

Wow that's creativity!

Until now they are the best pics of Naruto new generation for me. That's all I can show you up till now about this issue. Just don't over think this issue, as they say, everything at it's time. If you don't hear my advice then I will go and hit your head   ^.^
Well that's all for today, stay tune for more stuffs. I will be watching you...

Upppps, wrong pic, it's this one. XD Until the next time!

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