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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Naruto SUN Storm 3 DLC + Full Burst PC Version Announced!!! BELIEVE IT!!!

'Sup!!! Long time no see!!! We've returned and with EXCELLENT news for every Naruto fan out there!!! As we all know, Naruto SUN Storm 3 was a huge success!!! I really did enjoyed playing the game!!! I even played it twice, actually!!! But the great, awesome, Naru-tastic news is... Because of the 1.4 million copies sold worldwide of the latest Naruto game, Namco Bandai Games has announced a super cool downloadable content containing the Itachi & Sasuke VS Kabuto (Sage Mode) Fight!!! That's totally right, pals!!! And it's coming out this winter!!! I'll leave you with some links and a video so you can digest this great news!!! Dattebayo!!!

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